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BeCycle Innovation

The AddBike is a two-wheeled pendular frame replacing the front wheel of your CURRENT bike to turn it into a cargo-bike (transport of loads or children): ultra handy, light, safe, scalable... AND much more economic than a traditional cargo-bike.

The "plug-in" modules Carry’Shop, Carry’Box and Carry’Box Kid are designed for specific uses of families and professionals who are active, on the go, and environmentally conscious.

More information about the concept and brand on Addbike.fr

Scalable & much more!

Modules "plug-in" designed for specific uses


"Carry'Box Kid" module

- Kid seatbelt and adapted seat, transparent rain protection, solid structure in steel bars

- Child in front = always at sight, more practical, and safer

- AddBike has 2 hydraulic disk brakes bringing security at highest level


"Carry'Box" module

- Specifically designed for professional use

- Large capacity

- Handy and compact (width of a standard door)

- Simple maintenance


"Carry'Shop" module

- Foldable frame

- High quality and solid materials (clothe, wheel, frame)

- Load: up to 35 kg and volume of 44 liters

- Very convenient shopping experience provided by the trolley mobility: less handling and easy carry of the grocery


Brilliant product, great feelings! Ride it like your bike, carry stuff like a cargo ;-)

Eric A., from 2017 Montreal Bike Show

I'm sure there is a huge demand for this product! Many parents -like me- would love a cargo-bike to carry their child to the nursery every day...but it's expensive. AddBike is the affordable solution I was looking for. Thanks!

Béatrice O., Tester from Sherbrook (QC)

Very innovative. Allow me to keep my bike and adapt it according to my needs on the weekend, and do the grocery shopping.

Malno E., Tester from Montreal (QC)